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Answer: ESN Design can be used in these formats:


Answer: Yes. Typically, the rule of thumb is for sizing is “up” no more than 20%, and the same for sizing down. Most of the designs are large to begin with so large hoops are recommended.

Answer: Yes, absolutely. You can use the colors that work best for your project, even

Answer: No. All ESN Designs are copyrighted and are for personal use only.

However, if you choose a design you would like to use for commercial purposes, please contact our Corporate Office for instructions.

Answer: Yes. All the designs have been tested and stitched out. The designs have been tested on jackets, jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps, and sweaters, as well as some specialty items.

Answer: We love Space Stories and the people and creatures represented. We don’t copy these things, but we do use our imaginations. Have fun with the colors of threads and use metallics with some. These designs are meant to stand out.

Remember: Big * Bold * Beautiful.

Answer: Yes. They’re all original. Sometimes we go through the alphabet and just put letters together that sound cool. We love pretending some of these creature designs are real. We may have a contest in the future to name some of these designs.

Answer: Our designs start out as artwork first, then we use Bernina software to digitize all the details. Since all of our designs are original works of art, you never see “cookie cutter” designs. We pride ourselves on being unique.

Our designs are embroidery designs, but they can definitely be printed using an inkjet printer for stickers, cardstock to frame, or printed on fabric printer paper. We want you to decorate your world in as many ways as possible.

Have fun, embellish your design with crystals, ribbons, or couch yarn on top. We would love to see what your projects look like, so please send us a picture and we may even post it on social media.

Who knows, we may have special contests for certain designs.

We can be reached at: