Frequently Answered Question for Embroidery Design

Most machines or embroidery software programs will open one of our provided formats, even if it is not the “default” format. For example, .exp and .dst formats are more universal formats and can be opened and used in many different brands of machines and embroidery software.

When you buy designs from ESN Designs, you receive them in a multi-format download. All formats in which the designs are available are included. Whenever possible, we make our designs in the following formats:

  • .art
  • .dst
  • .emb
  • .exp/.exp+
  • .hus
  • .jan
  • .jef
  • .pcs
  • .pes
  • .sew
  • .vip
  • .vp3
  • .xxx

Yes, you can size designs you buy from ESN Designs by using your embroidery software or your sewing machine.
The industry standard recommendation for sizing a design is about 20%, either larger or smaller. When you go outside this range, you’ll find that the stitch types no longer work. For example, satin stitch outlines will become too wide if a design is scaled too large or if scaled too small, there may be too much detail in a design and you will run into trouble with stitch count or other design property problems.

We always recommend checking the size of a design before purchasing from any embroidery company or online. The dimensions of each design are given on product detail pages. You can also sort designs by size when you are searching the ESN Design site.
Some file formats, like. sew and .pcs, have limitations in design size and file size that prevent ESN Designs from making them available for all our designs. In these cases, we recommend using a software program to first size the design and then save it to your machine format and your computer hard-drive or USB.

Isacord is a long-established industry standard for embroidery. Many of ESN Designs partners sell and support Isacord thread, and many of our customers use Isacord thread. Most manufacturers of other thread brands provide a conversion chart to and from Isacord, so for this reason, ESN Designs will continue to provide sewing information for Isacord. In the future we may offer conversion charts for our customers.
Occasionally, ESN Designs offers a collection that suggests the use of specialty thread, such as a metallic or variegated thread. ESN Designs uses Superior Threads and Soft Light for metallic and Isacord for variegated threads. If a specialty thread is used that we recommend, these will be recommended and will be listed on the thread chart that will be in the zip file of the design collection. As usual, with any of our designs, our recommendations are based on quality threads and you may use whatever you choose.
Again, you can size designs you buy from ESN Designs using your embroidery software or your embroidery machine. Remember 20% is the recommendation industry-wide, whether making your design larger or smaller. Read you user manual to get the best advice for your hoops and embroidery machine.
We recommend you look at the details of our designs to decide whether you can use them in your specific situation. Please do not hesitate to contact us for suggestions or additional help.
When it comes to machine embroidery, there are many factors will contribute to a design not sewing out correctly. These can include stabilizers, threads, hooping methods, fabric types, types of needles and whether the needle needs to be changed. When experiencing a problem with a design, we recommend that you use your trouble shooting skills to go through a check list to determine what the problem might be. We will be happy to help you if you contact us via our contact process or email Shelley: We thoroughly test all of our embroidery designs by doing stitch-outs on different fabrics, but we do
understand that occasionally something else we have not considered or that applies specifically to your situation can go wrong. If you have stitched out a design you purchased from ESN Designs, and believe there may be a problem with the file, please download and fill out the contact information or email:
We will always try to help the best we can. You are important to us, so make sure you explain your problem in detail so we can give you the appropriate information. We will return with and answer as soon as we can.