There are numerous methods for creating embroidery designs on a fabric. Every designer has their own favorite option. The choice of design and stitches greatly depends on color and weight of the fabric.

The first method to this is the tissue paper transfer method. This has often been called needle tracing. It can be used on fabrics that cannot be dampened or marked. This will include wool, silk and leather. So how can you make a dog embroidery designs on such a cloth.

Step 1: Use Light

If the fabric you are using is relatively thin, try transferring the design onto the fabric using a light box orholding it up against the side of a window. It is also recommended to tape the pattern to the glass and then cover it with fabric. Then you will be able to check the design clearly and thereby trace the lines. Ensure there is enough light to make the trace proper.

Step 2: Transfer by Carbon Paper

The dog embroidery designs you want can then be transferred to the cloth, using a carbon paper. Trace the design onto the cloth using this paper, using the lightest of colors. In this case it is best to use the lightest possible color, for the stain might be otherwise tough to remove.

Before you make the transfer laid the cloth on a hard surface such as a kitchen table.

Step 3: Hot Iron Transfers

For other dog embroidery designs, take the help of a hot iron. Printed normally in grey or blue ink, the designs are transferred by means of heat, in the same procedure as the transfer is made when people use a pencil.

So if you wish to create beautiful dog embroidery designs on your clothes, follow these steps for better results. Machine embroidery dog designs are largely popular on garments for kids and infants.

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