Art has no limit. That includes the art of needle and thread!

A little search into the history of embroidery led me to 30,000 BC! Archaeological researchers have discovered fossilized remains of crudely stitched and decorated clothing that dated back to that ancient era. It is believed that, in general, needlework art, including digital embroidery, originated from the Orient and Middle Eastern part of the world. Our primitive ancestors were quick enough to find that stitches could be used for a different purpose other than joining animal skins for clothing. They could be used for embellishments too.

Butterfly Heart Digital Embroidery Design

How Stitches and Techniques Changes in Digital World

Stitches and techniques originated and evolved through the passage of time and gradually spread over the world. Traditional techniques of a certain area were passed down from one generation to another. With the increase in world trade, the patterns and designs intermingled and developed the art of embroidery. The latest improvement in this world of art has been with the wise use of technology. The modern digital embroidery machines available in the global market, has increased the possibilities, and taken the art of embroidery to its highest level. The wise use of the internet has made it possible for us to find various designs that can be downloaded directly on a desired fabric and stitched.

Butterfly Lace Embroidery Design

Digital Embroidery Site that Offers Innumerable and Uncountable Quality Embroidery Designs

Embroidery Stictch Nitch is one such unique, digital embroidery site that offers innumerable and uncountable quality embroidery designs. The website is safe and secure to protect your personal information that you need to share, while you make a purchase of embroidery designs. The wide range of categories available on the makes it easier for you to find exactly what you need.

Find here quite a wholesome collection of cat embroidery designs. From a funny cat, a cat appliqué design, to a totally digital cat face pattern that can be directly transferred on any selected fabric within 5 minutes. They come with details of size, color, stitches and the pattern to be followed.

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