A few known stitches used for creating cross embroidery designs are noted here:-

1. French Knots

The French Knots are a decorative kind of stitch that almost every embroidery designer loves. French Knots are used to create fun fillers for most other designs. Start by just pinching the needle and the floss in the cloth. Thereby you will have to bring it up through the fabric, make sure you wrap the floss twice on the needle before bringing it up the fabric. Now hold one end of the floss string and then bring the needle down right next to the space it came through. Don’t let go of the floss as you pull the needle through the fabric. This is one of the excellent ways of creating cross embroidery designs.

2. Daisy

Another great way for creating neat embroidery cross design is by daisy stitches. It is similar to a chain stitch. Take a needle run the floss through it and then create a stitch, then loop the floss around the needle. Next bring the needle up through the top of the loop you just created, prevent it from being pulled through the fabric and create a small stitch on top of the loop. This stitch is called your daisy loop.

3.Filler satin stitch

As the name suggests the stitch is used to fill in any outlined spaces in an embroidered design be it a bird design or embroidery designs. The other things you need to do is keep stitching the floss in same pattern throughout. Just remember to bring the needle up in the opposite direction the second time.

The above are the examples of the stitches used to create cross embroidery designs.

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