Does your 3-year olds t-shirt look a little too bland? Want to give him something that will make his friends jealous? You can always do that with embroidery. Animal designs knitted on the t-shirt will help him attract attention of his friends in the class, as well as on the playground. Whether you want to create the designs by hand or with an embroidery machine, our website gives you an excellent launch pad for the project. Pick up a few templates of animal embroidery designs from my website.

Which Animal Do You Want To Create With Embroidery Design?

There are plenty of animal designs that you can create with embroidery. From exotic animals to the ones you see every day, you can create embroidery designs on almost any animal out there, provided you have a template to use. A fun thing about embroidery is that you do not have to stick to the natural colors of the animals while creating the designs. Want to create a red lion or a blue giraffe? Or perhaps a magenta rhinoceros or a white hippopotamus would look good on your infant daughter’s quilt? Why not! Go right ahead – let your imagination run truly wild! Browse through my website and you will come across several types of embroidery templates featuring animal designs. These take make the task a whole lot easier, since you would have a guide in hand and also instructions on how to approach. Take your pick from the following:

Animals in The Wild

Want your son’s T-shirt to feature a bold and proud saber tooth tiger motif? Such an embroidered design can get him plenty of attention, whether he is in the classroom or on the playground. Want to make your daughter look more adorable than ever? Consider embroidering a baby giraffe on her frock. These designs are easy and quick to create, once you have a template to work with. Download the designs you like the most from my website and get started.

Dogs and Cats

Is your child a dog person or a cat lover? Does he spend most of his free time with his four legged friends? Then embroidering a dog or cat motif on his t-shirt is a great idea. I have plenty of designs available on my website that you can use as a guide. What’s more – you can also find instructions on the type of fabric you should use for each design. That should help you a lot, especially if you do not have much experience in embroidering yet.

So go ahead, create beautiful embroidered t-shirts or quilts for your child, with templates from my site. I’ll make your job a whole lot easier and inspire you to beautify your child’s outfits without much of a hassle.

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