The advancement of technology has had its effect on the world of needles and threads. The latest types of embroidery stitching and sewing machines, has made the work a lot easier, simpler and faster too. Most of the digital embroidery machines available in the market, allowyou to select and import designs right from the computer and have it downloaded to stitch on whatever you choose.

Some of the major benefits of digital embroidery machines are:

  1. The ease of use: The digital machines usually come with easy to handle LCD panels. This, very obviously helps the user to read and select much more easily.
  2. Two-in-one: Sewing and embroidery. Most of the modern embroidery machines allow you to stitch, along with its embroidery features.
  3. Variety of patterns: Most of the latest embroidery machines come with built in patterns,designs, and several fonts too.

Although the users of the latest digital embroidery machines have these built in features that quicken their task, there is a limitation of the available designs and stitching patterns. For this you can go through several digital embroidery sites like Embroidery Stitch Nitch. With its vast collection of designs and patterns, ESN Designs opens a unique world of embroidery.

Right here you see a beautifully created woman faces embroidery designs for you to download and use. Each unique in its style and pattern, the ESN designs are generally designed for medium to large hoops. You will find the mention of the exact software (Bernina used here), a precise mention of every stitch and thread colors used. Purchase and download the woman faces embroidery designand create your own magical world of unique designs! Browse through our entire collection of embroidery designs and get the one that fits your project.

Have fun. Send me an email with a picture of your project. I’d love to see them.