Have you been working on embroidery for some time and are looking for a challenge that’s just right for you? Well, how about trying your hand at bird embroidery? Embroidery Designs featuring birds look pretty on almost any kind of object. Simply download a few designs from our website and create a beautiful motif on any kind of bird, without much hassle. Your child will attract more attention from friends and family. This might help him/ her become more popular, and also helps in building confidence. After all, looking cool is an essential part of socializing, especially in the tender years!

Types of Birds Featured In Embroidery Designs Available On My Site

What is your favorite bird? Do you want to put an albino hawk on your baby’s quilt? Or perhaps a baby birdie would look adorable on your son’s hanky! And how about a funny bird with gawking eyes on your daughter’s frock? Motifs like these featured on your child’s clothing can make him/her look absolutely adorable. What’s more – I have made the task easier for you than it ever was before. Browse through my website and take your pick from the extensive collection of bird embroidery designs featured here. I have also provided instructions with the designs, regarding the types of fabrics that you can use to create them. So go ahead, browse now and get the best embroidery designs on birds.

Don’t Focus Too Much On Being Accurate With Colors

Are you unable to find threads with the exact colors as the ones used in the designs? Well, there’s nothing to worry about. Simply replace it with a color as close in shade to the design as possible. Otherwise, you can even go a different route, using completely different colors to create your own personalized work. Who says an albino hawk must have a black beak? Make it red to attract more attention to your work. Make a bird with yellow or orange and green threads to create a unique motif that will not be seen anywhere else. Let your imagination fly free, while I provide the base for you to work on.

So, are you ready to make your child’s outfits look more adorable than ever before? Simply download some embroidery bird designs from my website and open that sewing kit. Soon, you will be happily knitting interesting motifs of almost anything on your children’s clothing or accessories. Oh, and if you like my designs, please do recommend my website to your friends who love knitting.

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