Embroidery is an art form that requires lots and lots of patience, determination and excellent hand-eye coordination. Not surprisingly, it can be a challenging, yet deeply satisfying art form once you master it. However, what to do if you are just starting out? Everything seems to pose problems – right from selecting the right needle and thread to deciding which colors to use in a design. That’s why we have provided 5 secrets of embroidery here, which should make your life a little easier. Whether you want to do simple embroidery work with the initials of your name or a full face embroidery design, these tips should help you.

Secret 1: Keep A Few Chenille Needles in Your Embroidery Box

Chenille needles are great for working with almost any type of thread. Whenever you come across a thread that seems unmanageable with other types of needles, such as metallic threads or wool, pick up a Chenille needle. Your degree of frustration will go down almost immediately. The sharp tip of the Chenille make it easy to penetrate almost any kind of fabric and the large eye makes threading the needle a breeze. This takes quite a bit of hassle out of the process of embroidery, whether you are working on something as complex as embroidered face designs, or even something simpler.

Secret 2: Use Even-Weave Fabrics for Surface Embroidery

Always use even-weave fabrics like cotton, polyester, jute, bamboo, or even blends of two or more of these, for surface embroidery. The even distance between adjacent threads makes it easy to push needles through these fabrics and create patterns. If you want to try out cross-stitch patterns, choose Aida cloth as the base for better effect.

Secret 3: Use Washable Fabric Markers Only If You Intend To Wash the Fabric Thoroughly

Remember, the ink from washable markers only goes away if you soak the cloth in water after embroidering and wash it thoroughly. Do not use these markers if you intend to go for dry cleaning. Use a regular graphite pencil to draw the patterns in that case. The graphite will be much easier to remove with just about any cleaning method.

Secret 4: Prevent Tangling Of the Thread By Lubricating It Slightly Beforehand

Tangling of threads can be a nightmare for beginners. It occurs more often with threads like rayon, but cotton threads can also be just as susceptible to tangling, depending on the thickness. Use a little thread conditioner or even a little water to moisten the thread to prevent this. Take care not to coat the thread completely, however. That would make it difficult to remove the lubricant from the thread when you are done.

Secret 5: When Using an Iron-On Pattern, Do Not Move The Iron Across The Paper

Iron-on pattern can be a great way of transferring outlines from paper to cloth. However, when transferring the pattern, take care not to move the iron along the paper. This can distort the pattern, resulting in a poor transfer. When you need to shift the iron from one place to another on the paper, lift the iron up completely and press it down at another spot.

So, there you have them – 5 secrets for embroidery that can help you practice with a bit more comfort. Don’t forget to look around for inspiration as you keep working. The more you practice, the better you will get at this ancient art form.

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