Digital embroidery designs are the best type of designs created by any artist. There are many types of designs that you can opt for, if you are willing to create a Digital-embroidery design. After you have been familiarized with the most basic steps, all you have to do is move forward and make your own Digital embroidery.

To get your enthusiasms high let me tell you about the various types of embroidery designs and stitches. This will include flower embroidery designs, embroideries of face, animals and other shapes.

Running Stitch

To start with there is the running stitch. A running stitch is great for outlining an embroidery design. There are two ways to get a running stitch done. The first will be to push the needle and floss continuously in and over the fabric. The next method will be to push the needle through the fabric and then pull it back up. This generally is called the stabbing method and is very useful for creating flower embroidery designs.


The backstitch is nothing like the running stitch. It is good for creating a solid line and can be used to create a Digital embroidered text or for outlining a design. To start with one has to pull the needle and floss through the fabric and do one stitch forward. Then from underneath, space the needle out the length you want the stitch to be. Now to bring the needle down, do it through the back down of the previous stitch.If you want to create pets or flowers or any other embroidery designs, this stitch can also be used as a filler.

There are many other ways of creating really beautiful embroidery designs. All you have to do is settle down, give it some time and then get the job done.

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