Things that have a celestial touch are undoubtedly top of the world and enjoyed by most people, especially children. Paintings picturing stars and the universe are mystical and enhance the décor of your home with their heavenly charm. Similarly, a star or universe embroidery design on clothes, bed linens, decorative pillows can add new interest to the project. Let’s take the example of T-shirts. Wow, they are so comfortable and are a staple to every wardrobe. These types of clothes are generally categorized under casual dressing, but a piece of art can provide a professional look. Want to know how? Read on!

Digital Star Embroidery Design

How to embroider on a t-shirt?

    • One of the most important things when embroidering on t-shirts is to select the good quality fabric. Products that have heavier cotton blend are the best options because they stitch out better and hold the integrity of the design through many washings.
    • Pre-washing is another important consideration. There are many cotton apparels that are tagged as ‘no-shrink’, but they can also shrink. Therefore, wash your t-shirt and dry before working on it. If you skip pre-washing, then your star embroidery design might pucker (even with a least amount of shrinkage), no matter how perfectly and beautifully the embroidery was stitched. You want your project to be beautiful every time.
    • When it comes to stabilizing clothing for embroidery, there is a rule of thumb followed by most of the embroidery industry. You can use a no-show mesh as your cut-away stabilizer. It prevents the knits from expanding and keeps the embroidery intact and in place. Make sure to turn your t-shirt inside out and keep the cut-out stabilizer bigger than the size of the hoop.
    • Selection of correct threads and needles are equally important. When working on sweatshirts or t-shirts, make use of the smallest ball point needles. Online tutorials might help you with the same. Using polyester thread for making stars embroidery designs is a good choice. The reason – they don’t fade easily and are bleach resistant.
    • Open embroidery designs are the best options for t-shirts. Heavy and intense designs make the fabric stiff and sometimes, lumpy around the edges. However, if the design is dense, use double stabilizer for extra support. I, also, like water soluble to make the feel of the design lighter. As far as the topper is concerned, water-soluble options are great. All you need to do is place a thin layer of it over the design area and use a basting stitch or pin it. This offers professional finish to your work. Many embroidery machines have a built in basting stitch.
    • When you are done with your star and the universe embroidery, remove the excess stabilizer carefully and press the backside of the work areas with the help of a cloth. This will help you release hoop marks, if any.

Have fun and enjoy our designs. Send me a picture of your project. I would love to see what you have done.