Making stem stitches is one of the basic skills that a person learns, when starting to make embroidery patterns. The amazing thing about it is that, it can also be used as a filling. So in this article we talk about the how to do the stitch butterfly embroidery.

The embroidery butterfly designs are simple yet elegant and will look wonderful on an apron or a child’s dress. The details to achieve this task are mentioned hereunder.

Materials Needed

The most basic materials are needed in this case. It will include needle, scissors, hoop, fabric marking pen, even weave in natural or white, and skeins of light sky blue, topaz and medium lavender.

How to do the Butterflies Embroidery Designs?

Make a fold in the even weave fabric in quarters. Then mark the center point of the base. Thereby center the pattern under the fabric and trace it using a water soluble fabric marking pen.Next start embroidering the strands by means of two strands of the thread. The project generates best results when done with an embroidery hoop.

For those who are wondering as to what is an embroider hoop, it is a ring of two metal circles that you use to help keep a cloth stretched. Thus the designs can be done more effectively.

To make embroidery butterfly designs pattern look beautiful, you will have to do the stem stitches close together to fill in the areas of wings. A Simple stem stitch butterfly pattern can help you achieve the best forms of embroidery. French Knots and single chain stitches are other means for creating these designs.

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