• Feathers make up a wonderful embroidery subject. The natural elegance of bird feathers makes it mandatory to be adapted to embroidery.
  • Whether you want it to be used in stitches or in stylized designs an embroidery artist will always have the itch to work upon these kinds of ideas.
  • In this blog,we will discuss how bird faces and feathers can be included on the embroidery design elements.

Birddie Birddie Embroidery Design

The Most Realistic Feathers Sewed in Needle Painting

If you want the most realistic depiction of feathery embroideries then you will have to look into the needle painting works done in the country of China.

Their techniques involve varieties of shading works in long and short stitches using the finest of silk threads. In this kind of embroideries, the feather effects are created using a hairy stitch.

The Depiction of Bird Feathers in Hand Embroidery

In the machine embroidery, the feathers in bird embroidery design are usually depicted in digital manner. The embroidered elements are presented in a way that is meant to a feather, nevertheless not appearing in its natural caricature.

For example, if you want a rooster embroidered using wool threads, you will find the chest feathers being stitched with a mixture of buttonhole stitch scallops and straight stitch. Even though they will not look like real feathers, nevertheless as a whole they will come across as feathered.

The wing is needled using long and short stitching techniques while the feathers incorporate wide varieties of stitching methods that include chain, back, ribbed, fishbone, stem, buttonhole, satin, short and long stitch.

Bird Feather Design Embroidery with a Variety of Stitches

Bird embroidery designs can be sewed in too many ways to list! There are varieties of stitches that can be used to work solid bird faces and feathers that includeFishbone, basket, loop, closed cretin and vertical fly stitchto name a few. These stitches are also applicable for feathers with the spine down the middle.

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