Creating realistic digital embroidery designs of a dog is quite challenging because it requires immense precision, practice and knowledge to make it appear real. You need plenty of expertise and efficiency to get the job done right. We will discuss some secret tips to help you understand the skills required to design custom embroidery of a real dog photo.

1. Digitizing the Image of a Dog for Machine Embroidery

If you are thinking of having your own dog embroidery design digitized for embroidery only use a real photograph that is clear in high resolution. High resolution photos have pose details that arereadilyhighlighted, making it easier for the digitizer to focus on the difficult areas.

The trick is to keenly observe each and every detail and note the most difficult areas before starting the task. Typically you will have the option to choose the size of the design. You can pick either a small or big design. Small ones are trickier since, you have to focus on every tiny detail such as facial expression, furs and muscles within a constraint space.

2. Structuring the Hair and Muscle

In order to blow life into your sew; you need to be extra attentive when constructing the hair and muscle of the dog. Create an outline that is brightly coloured to escape the mix up between inner shades and outlines.

3. How to use the Right Colours

In order to make the design look real and natural, you need to use a diverse range of colours. That again demands great expertise and skills. If you are a beginner, it is better to stick to two basic shades, lighter and darker to get a good outcome.

4. Visualizing the Photo for an Immaculate Output

Background and foreground are very important for a digital design. It is important to make the foreground striking. The background should be filled horizontally, while the foreground must be filled in an angular and vertical pattern.

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