Our love affair with cats goes back to the dawn of our civilization. Whether you love or hate them, it cannot be denied that cats convey various symbolic meanings. Every culture consists of some kind of myths regarding the feline.

Besides being our furry feline friends, cats symbolize many different meanings including

  • Astute
  • Clever
  • Selective
  • Secretive
  • Mysterious
  • Intuitive
  • Intelligent
  • Independent
  • Supernatural
  • Watchfulness

Cat face Embroidery Design

Varieties of Cat Design

Whether you want a design for cat face, cat appliqué,a fat cat image or even a mosaic cat to be embroidered on a shirt, hoodie or any other accessoriesthese types of designs are created using varieties of colors, forms and shapes. Here are some interesting cat design ideas and their meanings tobe added to your embroidery library accordingly. Therefore, you can positively incorporate a black cat face embroidery design digitalanywhere in in the world it will be taken positively

1. Black Cats Face Represents Myths and Superstitions

A black cat has a mythical and superstitious presence in almost all cultures associated with our planet. It represents a change in fortune in some culture, while being portrayed as a sacrificial lamb to ward off evil in Celtic tradition. However, you cannot deny the fact that its black color makes it mysterious, intriguing and enchanting.

2. Cat Paw Symbolizes Progress, Prosperity and Good Fortune

As simple or ridiculous as it may sound, cat paws are used to portray an emotional journey through a difficult phrase. It symbolizes advancement or progress in life, prosperity and good fortune in Japanese and Chinese culture.

3. Cat Skull Design For a Darker Tone Theme

You can choose a cat skull design to represent death, destruction and disease. Having this on your clothes will add a darker layer to your personality. It will subtly signify your acceptance of the inevitable.

4. Cat Eye is a Conduit To The Divine

A cat eye represents intellect, wisdom and a portal to the divine. Being an object of mysticism and intrigue, it drags you closer to the elements of the afterlife.

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