Machine embroidery is a delicate art, which means it takes time and diligent practice to master. And even when you have developed your skills to a great extent, there are still some things that could go wrong. Naturally, when you are trying out something as complex as dog embroidery designs, you need to be extra careful and be prepared for small problems that you may need to handle, and fast. Here are some secrets to help you along the way.

Selecting a Breed Of Dog And Getting a Picture To Serve As Guide Helps a Lot

Your design will look much better if you pick up a photo of your favorite breed beforehand, and trace its outline on the fabric to serve as a guide. There will be a touch of personalization in your final artwork, which will wow others. Be prepared to spend time on the design according to the breed you select, however, especially if you select breeds that are difficult to work into designs, such as Great Dane or Bulldog. Go with breeds that are simpler to create, such as a Dachshund, and you will be able to design faster.

Relaxing Your Mind While You Work Increases Chance Of Success

You might feel more than a little stressed when starting on your first dog design with machine embroidery. That is completely understandable. After all, you have invested in an embroidery machine, threads and all the other equipment. However, getting stressed will not help; rather, it might increase your risk of botching the design. So, relax, have fun and proceed. Consider playing your favorite music tracks in the background. That can help you focus.

Buy Pre-Filled Bobbins Help Speed Up The Work

Unless you have a lot of time in hand, try to take reasonable shortcuts. Pre-filled bobbins, for instance, are always good to have at hand. Unless you have good experience of doing machine embroidery, you do not want to deal with the hassle of filling up bobbins manually. Use the time you save to research more embroidery designs on dogs instead.

Lastly, be sure to maintain a record of what you learn along the way. Jot down problems and their solutions in a diary or binder to maintain a permanent journal that you can not only leaf through when you are stuck, but can also hand to someone else to help him/her get started on machine embroidery.

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